Running your own easy kubernetes cluster

Kubernetes seems to have taken the IT infrastructure world by storm, with every company either providing their own distribution of kubernetes. However, if you’ve tried to provision and control your own kubeadm-managed distribution, you probably discovered that you almost need a PhD in kube-ology to make sense of the various options, settings, parameters, and configuration that are available and how they affect each other. Instead of trying to make heads or tails of kubeadm, let’s look at k3s.

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Unifi Controller 5 on Raspberry Pi

Ubiquiti’s UniFi gear is managed through a web interface called the UniFi Controller. Because the controller is distributed as a free download and as an hardware appliance (the latter not free), users can decide where to run the software. Here we’ll show you how to install and configure the UniFi Controller onto your Raspberry Pi. A Raspberry Pi is small and power-efficient, and packs more than enough punch to run the application (even the gen 1 Model B) and control quite a few devices.

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